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A-li-ce is born in 1981. Graduated from Fine Arts School and EHESS with a master 2 about video art history, she works from 2004 as a videomaker and a graphical designer for differents theater companies.
She starts to perform as a vj with musicians in 2005, and mixes a lot for dubstep events since 2008.
She likes to experiment different ways of mixing live video, using different technics to prepare her visuals, as animation papers or drawings, but also rough footages mixing without any effects, into funny projects or more experimental ones.
From wonderland to reality, her visual world is composed of strange and colored pictures, also including documentary process for some of her projects.

She often collaborates with other artists, trying to get connections between them and the public during their live performances.
She also creates video installations and short movies and is involved into the collective live art group Homemade since its fundation. She is also a part of Sweatlodge Collective and of :NÄ: her very new collaboration with the musician/ composer / drawer Mectoob.

Le Goûter Chelou / A Mad Tea Party / 2009

Live audio video – teaser

Invite us for your birthday party! 🙂

:NÄ: (Video : A-li-ce / Musique / Music : Mectoob)

Opening of Dark Rooms Live documentary video mix – 2009

Music : Jacky Mérit

Pictures from the FAR, Audiovisual Resarch Funds, La Rochelle

A-li-ce / Cie Le Sablier / Rochefort

This live video was performed and projected on a hull’s boat and sails

Live video with Resolume and codanova

Dark rooms : Those who look at the sea
Video 3 – Projection on fiber screen 

This film is a part of a video installation presented in Rochefort, France, in may 2009, in an old war building, in front of the sea. It is entirely realized with pictures I filmed in this area, also old photography archives from National Marine Service, based in Rochefort.
video / sound : A-li-ce / Jacky Mérit
production : A-li-ce / cie le sablier

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